Delayed Dismissal for Weather


Delayed Dismissal and Emergency School Closings 

Occasionally, an unforeseeable event or emergency may require the closing of a school or all schools for a period of time. The decision to close schools, or alter opening and closing times is made by the superintendent after consulting with county and municipal public safety agencies and school district staff. Notification of emergency closings is given as soon as possible so parents and guardians can make arrangements for students to be cared for during these times. The decision to close schools is based on many considerations, the most important being the safety of students, staff, parents, and others in the community.   In cases of threatening weather, the district maintains close contact with the National Weather Service, the Orange County Office of Emergency Management and local law enforcement officials to help make decisions about dismissal of students or school closings. Officials want to make the safest possible arrangements for students and may delay the dismissal of students during exceptionally hazardous weather conditions, such as lightning. The district’s Weather Delayed Dismissal procedures require that the nationally recognized “30-30 Rule” be enacted by schools if thunder is heard within 30 seconds of lightning strike. Students will not be dismissed until 30 minutes has passed from the last sound of thunder. However, parents and guardians will be allowed to sign their child out during these situations at the main school office.   The district’s Connect Orange automated telephone system will be used to notify parents about delayed dismissals, closings or other emergency conditions. In most situations involving delayed dismissal, students who walk or ride bicycles may be kept at school until parents can arrange for them to be picked up. Bus riders will be delivered home when conditions allow for a safe dismissal.   Emergency Release of Students to Parents 
School officials want to maintain as safe and orderly an environment as possible at all times. During an emergency, special procedures are followed to help ensure student safety. Principals have procedures in place to help parents who wish to pick up their child from school. Depending upon the emergency conditions, students may be released from a designated area to parents and guardians with proper identification. For your child’s safety, your child can be released only to an adult who you have properly designated as an emergency contact and who has proper identification. Non-custodial parents who may pick up students must be listed with your child’s emergency contact information as a guardian and also must show proper identification.